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Oh Hello
Oh Hello

Sauna Youth

Wednesday 19th December 2012, 8:00 pm

An evolving band of young future humans making truly irregular punk not quite comparable to anything else; Sauna Youth released their debut long-player, ‘DREAMLANDS’ in September as a joint release between Gringo Records and Faux Discx. The band, attracted to the possibilities apparent within a DIY philosophy have been self-recording and self-releasing their own music since 2010, creating a number of seven inches, splits and cassettes. ‘DREAMLANDS’ will be the band’s first long-player, marking the mutation of their sound and a new line-up.

‘Weird’ is a meaningless platitude, and ‘art punk’ is a classifier that shouldn’t be required. Sauna Youth journey into the far-reaching wilds of the unfolding psyche and feast on the chaos within, quickly collapsing any pre-conceived notions within minutes of impolite introduction. The LP is a lyrical commentary on being addicted to the distractions preventing engagement with real life; unbreakable routines, relationships based on silence and mindless sex, repetitive and superficial interaction. This is not a dull lecture on disaffection, it is the dawning realisation in hundred-mile-an-hour downstrokes, hypnotic samples going off like permanent alarms and competing vocals.

Artistic affinities are pledged to Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Pissed Jeans and The Intelligence, but as Kurt Cobain once asked “Why can’t we be both Black Sabbath and The Beatles?”, Sauna Youth consistently and urgently pose the question, ‘Why can’t we be both The Ramones and Steve Reich?’.


Support From -  Vision Fortune, Human Hair, Edible Arrangements




Strictly over 14s. Under 16s must be accompanied by an adult over 16 (photographic ID required for entry).
Presented by mean fiddler
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